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Quest Trust SDIRA Podcast


As housing prices and interest rates continue to rise, it’s harder to find affordable investment properties. However, one area where you can still find affordable homes is the mobile home market. Mobile homes have come a long way in design and value; plus, the maintenance costs are significantly lower. If you are intrigued by the lucrative potential of investing in mobile homes, join our webinar with Sherman Arnowitz and learn how he started financing mobile homes and why he feels this market will continue to grow and flourish.

Sherman Arnowitz is a seasoned veteran in the alternative investment industry, having founded Keyhole Financial Services in 1999. The company's unique strategy of purchasing and managing distressed residential second mortgages led to impressive returns that consistently outperformed the S&P 500 and the NYSE. However, the recent influx of investors into the second mortgage market has caused a shortage of quality loans, leading to increased competition and higher bid offers. Sherman recognized the need to pivot the company's focus, which led to the creation of Keyhole Connect, which focuses on financing mobile homes. Sherman's leadership, investment expertise and the ability to identify opportunities in niche markets and make strategic investment decisions have been vital factors in Keyhole Connect's success.

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