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Financing Mobile Homes
Just Got Easier.

It's Time for a Change.

Mobile Home Industry

Growth in the

As of 2020, approximately 20 million Americans live in mobile homes. This number reflects the growing demand for affordable housing options. It's estimated this number will grow annually by 10% for the next 15 years. The challenge becomes having enough mobile home parks to sustain this growth and provide borrowers with a reputable source of financing.

The high demand for affordable housing is a significant challenge for many low-income households and retirees. Despite higher interest rates, mobile homes are an affordable housing option for those on a limited budget and many borrowers are willing to pay the monthly amount, as it fits within their budget and allows them to maintain their homes. 

The rising cost of renting apartments has made mobile homes an attractive option for those seeking affordable housing.
The gap between the cost of renting an apartment and owning a mobile home is closing, and owning a mobile home can provide residents with the opportunity to build equity over time.


Embrace the Change

Keyhole Connect offers unique financing options to borrowers looking to finance homes in their communities.

​Below are some of the reasons mobile home parks love working with us:

  • Financing any type and year of mobile home

  • Financing mobile homes from $15,000 up to $150,000

  • Repayment terms from 5 to 10 years

  • Closing is all "digital" and takes approximately 3-4 weeks

  • We treat you like customers, not numbers

  • We keep in constant communication with park management

A Simple & Quick Process



Park Application

If you're living in a community, you'll fill out the park application. If living on private property, you'll need to follow these guidelines.


Borrower Application

Fill out the borrower application that goes to our underwriter. They'll analyze to see if you're able to afford to live in the community.


Insure Your Home

You'll need to insure your home to protect it against any disasters. You'll also list us as the additional lien holder.  


Close the Deal!

Once you've completed all the previous steps, you'll sign the Mobile Home Agreement and the deal is complete. 

Invest in a Change

Our financing program relies on investors who will finance mobile homes on a loan-by-loan basis. All investors receive a specific internal rate of return (IRR) for each loan and are paid on a quarterly basis.

Our comprehensive servicing of the loans means our investors never have to do a thing but sit back and collect their money.

The biggest advantage of our financing program is our "Loan Guarantee" that ensures should the borrower ever default on their loan; the guarantor will take over the loan.  With returns between 10% to 12%, investing in our mobile home financing program offers competitive returns, while also providing peace of mind with the personal park guarantee.

The following table are examples of some of our loans.

*The IRR is calculated after incorporating our broker fee and does not include our monthly servicing fee of $25. Our monthly servicing fee includes; sending out monthly statements, receiving and distributing funds to investors quarterly, year-end interest reporting and all communication with the borrower. You don't have to do anything, but collect your funds on a quarterly basis.

Why Park Owners & Investors
Love our Personal Park Guarantee

man smiling.JPG

One of the biggest reasons park owners love working with us is our Personal Park Guarantee. This agreement ensures that NO mobile home EVER leaves their park!  
If the borrower ever defaults on their loan, the park owner takes over the loan and either pays the remaining balance or continues to make the borrower's monthly payments.  When this happens, the park owner evicts the borrower, refurbishes the home and gets to sell it all over again.

Investors love our program not only for the terrific returns, but for the personal guarantee that comes with it.

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  • Do you offer pre-qualifications? (¿Ofrecen precalificaciones?)
    The very first step in the borrowing process is to fill out our Pre-Qualification Application. These are nine easy questions that determine whether you should move on to the Borrower Application. Once you've been approved and decide to move forward with financing, you'll need to fill out our borrower application which is sent to our underwriter who will determine if you're able to afford to finance your mobile home. To start the Pre-Qualification Application, click HERE. ESPANOL El primer paso en el proceso de préstamo es completar nuestra Solicitud de Precalificación. Estas son nueve preguntas sencillas que determinan si debe pasar a la Solicitud de Prestatario. Una vez que haya sido aprobado y decida seguir adelante con el financiamiento, deberá completar nuestra solicitud de prestatario que se envía a nuestro asegurador, quien determinará si puede pagar el financiamiento de su casa móvil. Para iniciar la Solicitud de Precalificación, haga clic AQUÍ.
  • Do you offer financing in my state? (¿Ofrecen financiamiento en mi estado?)
    We're constantly adding states that we're licensed to lend in. View our Licencing States map here and reach out if your state isn't on the list. ESPANOL Constantemente agregamos estados en los que tenemos licencia para prestar. Vea nuestro mapa de estados con licencia aquí y comuníquese si su estado no está en la lista.
  • What are your minimum loan amounts? (¿Cuáles son los montos mínimos de préstamo?)
    We have a minimum financing amount of $15,000 if buying within a mobile home park and go up to $100,000. For homes purchased outside of a park, there is a minimum loan amount of 25,000. ESPANOL Tenemos un monto mínimo de financiamiento de $15,000 si compra dentro de un parque de casas móviles y sube hasta $100,000. Para casas compradas fuera de un parque, hay un monto mínimo de préstamo de 25,000.
  • What down payments are required? (¿Qué pagos iniciales se requieren?)
    The mobile home park or dealer usually decides how much of a down payment is required. The usual amount is 10% of the purchase price, which is paid directly to the park at the time of closing. For financing mobile homes on private property, the down payment required is 25%. For more information on our requirements, click HERE. ESPANOL El parque de casas móviles o el distribuidor generalmente deciden cuánto se requiere como pago inicial. La cantidad habitual es el 10% del precio de compra, que se paga directamente al parque en el momento del cierre. Para la financiación de casas móviles en propiedad privada, el pago inicial requerido es del 25%. Para obtener más información sobre nuestros requisitos, haga clic AQUÍ.
  • What are your current interest rates? (¿Cuáles son sus tasas de interés actuales?)
    Our interest rates vary from 14% to 17% based on the borrower's overall credit profile, loan amount, and term of the loan. ESPANOL Nuestras tasas de interés varían del 14% al 17% según el perfil crediticio general del prestatario, el monto del préstamo y el plazo del préstamo.
  • What are your loan terms? (¿Cuáles son los términos de su préstamo?)
    We offer terms from 5 to 10 years depending on the loan amount and the borrower's credit profile. The borrower may choose how long they'd like the terms to be based on their comfortability of making payments for that period of time. ESPANOL Ofrecemos plazos de 5 a 10 años según el monto del préstamo y el perfil crediticio del prestatario. El prestatario puede elegir cuánto tiempo desea que sean los términos en función de su comodidad para realizar pagos durante ese período de tiempo.
  • Are there any restrictions on the age of the mobile home? (¿Hay alguna restricción sobre la edad de la casa móvil?)
    In most states, there are no restrictions regarding the age of the home. In Alabama, the age of home is limited to 20 years. Maine requires the mobile home to be a model year of 2008 or newer. In Mississippi, the home must have a model year of 1999 or newer. Finally, New York requires the home to have a model year of 1995 or newer. ESPANOL En la mayoría de los estados, no hay restricciones con respecto a la antigüedad de la vivienda. En Alabama, la edad del hogar está limitada a 20 años. Maine requiere que la casa móvil sea modelo del año 2008 o posterior. En Mississippi, la casa debe tener un modelo del año 1999 o posterior. Finalmente, Nueva York requiere que la casa tenga un modelo del año 1995 o posterior.
  • Do you have a minimum credit score requirement? (¿Tiene un requisito de puntaje de crédito mínimo?)
    We don't just rely on your credit score to determine whether we'll finance your home, so there's no minimum score. There are other factors that contribute to the decision, such as income and current debts. Combined, a variety of factors affect whether you'll be approved for financing and at what interest rate. ESPANOL No solo dependemos de su puntaje de crédito para determinar si financiaremos su casa, por lo que no hay un puntaje mínimo. Hay otros factores que contribuyen a la decisión, como los ingresos y las deudas actuales. Combinados, una variedad de factores afectan si se le aprobará el financiamiento ya qué tasa de interés.
  • Do you offer refinancing on mobile homes? (¿Ofrecen refinanciamiento en casas móviles?)
    Yes. We offer refinance options based on certain regulatory regulations. Contact one of our team members at 516-750-0392 for more information. ESPANOL Sí. Ofrecemos opciones de refinanciamiento basadas en ciertas regulaciones regulatorias. Comuníquese con uno de los miembros de nuestro equipo al 516-750-0392 para obtener más información.
  • Do you escrow property taxes and insurance for my loan? (¿Cuidan los impuestos sobre la propiedad y el seguro de mi préstamo?)
    No. The borrower is responsible to keep track and pay their annual property tax and insurance obligations. The borrower must also make sure the lender is listed as a "lienholder" on their home insurance. ESPANOL No. El prestatario es responsable de realizar un seguimiento y pagar sus impuestos anuales sobre la propiedad y sus obligaciones de seguro. El prestatario también debe asegurarse de que el prestamista figure como "titular de gravamen" en su seguro de vivienda.

Frequently Asked Questions

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