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When it comes to finding loans for mobile homes in parks, you might be scrambling to find a good lender. But don’t get discouraged, because you’re in the right place. Here at Keyhole Connect, we offer mobile home loans for people in a variety of states. We might be based out of New York and Florida, but we lend in multiple states.


Where We Offer Loans for Mobile Homes in Parks

Currently, we are licensed to offer loans in the following states:
















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina




South Carolina






Why Aren’t We Everywhere?

You might be wondering why we don’t offer loans for manufactured homes in other states. Well, the answer is simple. Each state has very specific lending requirements. Although we would love to be able to provide services in all 50 states, we aren’t quite there yet. We are, however, always expanding and looking to work in other states.

What does this mean for you? If you have a park or home in a state we don’t currently service, please reach out to us. We may already be working on getting licensed in your state! Because we realize the huge demand for a lender who works in parks, we’re working hard to reach more people.

We at Keyhole Connect care about doing things the right way. To protect our borrowers and maintain the highest standards, we go to extreme measures complying with state laws. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we’re doing everything by the book while still offering flexibility with the lending process.

Does the Process Vary by State?

If you work with us, the loan process remains the same. Every state has its own requirements regarding financing, but our process complied with the regulations in every state on our list. You can trust that our process protects you.

In general, the process is simple. First, you read about our requirements. If you think you qualify, you can apply online. The application only takes a few minutes, and is easy. Once you’re approved, we move forward with processing the loan with the underwriter. This involves submitting the required documentation. After you receive final approval, you e-sign the paperwork and get the funds for your new home!

The whole process takes anywhere from two weeks or longer. Typically, the timeline is dependent on the borrower. If you’re quick to respond and submit your paperwork, the process will be two or three weeks long. 

Looking for Mobile Home Loans?

Your search for a mobile home loan is over. If you’re looking to buy a home or already have a home you want to buy, it’s time to apply with us. We offer loans for mobile homes in parks that can make the sales process a breeze. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call or apply online now. 

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