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How to Buy a Mobile Home Near Me

If you're looking to buy a mobile home near me, you might not know where to start. It's not like traditional housing, where you can just go on Zillow and get to house hunting. Although some manufactured homes are listed on Zillow, the majority of them are on other platforms. Finding a great home is possible, but it requires you to dig a little deeper than one platform. Learn more about some of the best places to find mobile homes for sale.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Even if you hate Facebook, you should start your mobile home search on Marketplace. Many home flippers and park managers list their homes for sale on this platform.

When you search, look for the following keywords:

  • Singlewide

  • All age community (unless you're 55 or older)

  • Doublewide

  • Manufactured home

  • Mobile home

There's one rule you should always follow when you look for homes on marketplace - READ THE LISTING. In most listings, you'll find very important information. This includes the size, the age, the price, and the location of the home. Before you message a seller, read the entire listing. Then, ask any questions and set up a time to view the home.


Another useful resource is MH Village. In addition to having a list of all the mobile home parks in your area, MH Village also has some homes available for sale in your region. If you click on the “Mobile Home for Sale” tab, you can enter your parameters. You’re able to search by radius from your zipcode, price range, and other parameters.

There are some listings on this site, but keep in mind that not all parks list their homes on the platform. In fact, there may not be many listings available in your area. Some of the listings might not be current, and the park type could be mislabeled. For instance, 55+ communities often are inaccurately placed under the category of all age communities.

Despite the glitches, MH Village still has a decent amount of homes available. You can also use the platform to get the email or phone number of a park, and then you can reach the manager and ask about available homes.

3. Broker or Wholesaler

If you’re looking for a single family home to buy, you could reach out to a realtor. In the mobile home space, you can look for a mobile home broker or wholesaler and ask them what they have available. To find either type of person, join mobile home groups in your area. Simply get on Facebook and do a search for groups about mobile homes in your state. You can also do a Google search for the same.

Once you connect with the right person, they can handle the search for you. If you’re not in a rush to buy a home, you can ask the individual to add you to their buyer’s list. You might end up getting a great home before it ever hits the market! Because manufactured homes is a small niche, networking is one of the best ways to find homes for sale.

4. Craigslist

Another way to find mobile homes for sale is on Craigslist. Although some people think of this platform as outdated, it’s still a resource. And while there are fewer homes available on Craigslist than on other platforms, the site tends to have more motivated sellers.

When you go on Craigslist, look for the same keywords you look for on Marketplace. If you find a home that interests you, send an email to the seller. You could end up connecting with a wholesaler or flipper this way. Once you find a good home, set up a time to go in-person and see it.

5. Driving Through Communities

As a final way to find a home, you could drive through existing mobile home communities and look for “for sale by owner” or brokerage signs. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to sell their own homes in communities. If you use this strategy, make sure the park is appropriate for your demographic. 55+ communities rarely make exceptions for those under the age of 55.

As you drive through a park, take a clear picture of all the “for sale” signs. When you’re done, go home and call up all the sellers. Before you ask anything else about the home, find out if the seller has the title. Then, ask about the age, year, and condition of the home. Don’t waste your time checking out a home before you get all the details.

Quick Tips for Manufactured Home Buying

You can find the perfect mobile home with the above platforms. However, there are several missteps that you can make along the way. Follow these tips for a smooth transaction:

Don’t Buy a Home Without a Title

Unless you’re working directly with a mobile home park owner, you should never buy a home without a title. In most states, mobile homes with no title have very little value. If you ever need to move the home, you won’t be able to.

Check for Liens

Ask the home owner if there are any liens on the title, and don’t take their word on the issue. Run a quick search on your county’s website to see if the taxes are up-to-date, and look on the title to see if a lien-holder is listed. If the home is in a park, talk to the park manager and ask if the lot rent is up-to-date. You should have the current home owner pay the balance or take the amount of your purchase price.

Look for Leaks

When you inspect the home, look at the ceiling. Do you see any discoloration or other signs of a leak? If the roof is currently leaking.

Buy a Mobile Home Near Me Now

If you find a home for sale, you don’t need to pay cash only. You can always get financing through Keyhole Connect. So, fill out your application and you can be one step closer to home ownership! Whether you’re buying a home to live in or to invest in, you can get financing on the perfect manufactured home. Buy a mobile home near me now with no hassle.

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