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Five Tips for Those Saying “I Want to Sell My Mobile Home Quickly

If you need to sell your home quickly, you only have a few options. Time isn’t on your side, but this doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your goal. The next time you find yourself saying “I want to sell my mobile home quickly,” follow these tips.

Make Small Improvements

Before you sell your home, take a close look at it. Are there any little things you can change to make the home more appealing? For instance, you might have a few chips in the wall. A quick spackle and paint job is worth the effort. If you have minor repairs, like a broken screen or squeaky door, fix them.

When someone comes to look at your home, they’ll notice the little details you put into it. While you shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars and hours of your time to prepare your home, put a little effort into it. If you plan on putting a lot of money into the repairs, make sure you get a good return on your investment. Things like exterior paint and window replacements aren’t usually good investments.

Here’s a list of easy things you can do to prepare your home for sale:

  • Remove the clutter

  • Address minor issues

  • Depersonalize your home

  • Give it some curb appeal

  • Do a deep clean

Talk to the Park Manager

Before you advertise your home for sale, you should speak to your park manager about selling. In some parks, the park owner receives first rights to the home. After you set a sale price, the park owner has an opportunity to buy it from you at that price. If they refuse, you can move forward with your sale.

Even if your community doesn’t have first rights to the home, you should still notify the park manager. The new buyer will need to apply for the community before buying the home, so you’ll have to work with the manager. If you don’t notify them of your intent to sell, the manager might be upset and make your life difficult.

When you speak to the manager, ask for a copy of park rules. A prospective buyer will ask you for one. By having the list of rules ready, you can speed up the home selling process. In fact, if you have an open house, you should have a copy of the community rules on a table.

Advertise the Home

After notifying the park owner, you can list the home for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Although you can sell the home through a broker or wholesaler, you should list your home first. In doing so, you gauge the market and give brokers and wholesalers an opportunity to reach out to you.

Before you list the home, you should thoroughly research similar homes in the area. You can look on Zillow, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to find other manufactured homes for sale. Then, see what homes of similar ages and sizes are selling for. Keep in mind that the price of the home could be affected by the community it’s in. For example, a home in one community could be $40,000 but a home in the same condition in another community could be $70,000.

Determine a fair price for the home, and list it. If you’re really in a time crunch, list your home for slightly lower than the competition. You should also be open to the idea of borrowers using financing to buy the home. While seller financing isn’t always a good option, you can recommend a lender to your prospective buyers.

Reach Out to Brokers

If you list your home on Marketplace, you should have a few brokers or wholesalers reach out to you about your listing. But, in the event that you don’t hear from anyone, you should consider reaching out to a broker. Keep in mind that broker commissions can be high, so you won’t receive your full asking price for the home.

A broker can speed up the selling process. Typically, brokers list homes on the MLS and get your listing more views. They also can guide you through the selling process to ensure that you don’t miss steps or make mistakes on the paperwork.

When you look for a broker, research them thoroughly. Check out their reviews online and look into their licensing. If someone says that they’re a broker, they should have a license. And while it’s normal for someone to have one or two bad reviews, a good broker won’t have multiple negative reviews.

Talk to a Mobile Home Flipper

If you really want to sell your home quickly, you can talk to a mobile home investor. Find someone who flips homes or who has a list of people looking to buy a home. An investor has cash, is ready to buy, and can close quickly.

To find an investor, look on your local Facebook groups. Make a post asking if anyone flips manufactured homes. As you drive around, look for bandit signs saying “We buy mobile homes.” Another way to find someone is to do a Google search of your area. With a little effort, you can find someone who’s looking to buy a home like yours.

Once again, do your research. Don’t trust anyone until you find out about their business. If someone says they flip homes, they should have an LLC. Most importantly, don’t give over the title until you have money in your hand. If you take a deposit from a buyer, have the proper paperwork. An investor should be able to provide a deposit contract as well as a bill of sale. If you notice anything strange or see red flags, walk away.

I Want to Sell My Mobile Home Quickly

Are you ready to sell your manufactured home? The Mobile Home Life can help. Even though we specialize in mobile homes in Florida, we have a network of home buyers across the country. Tell us more about your manufactured home and let us take you through the process.

Written by Danielle Hicks, owner of

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