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Financing Mobile Homes Just Got Easier.

The Keyhole Connect Financing Strategy

When we started financing mobile homes four years ago, we never expected to discover such an untapped market.  While we found there is a slew of competition offering lower interest rates and longer terms, no one was focusing on the sub-prime market.

This demographic was completely ignored because they had credit scores under 650, or they wanted to finance a mobile home older than 1980, or in some cases only wanted to borrow a smaller amount of money.

While we too want to make sure each borrower is completely vetted by an underwriter, we don’t want to deny someone just because they may have a low credit score. We look beyond the credit score and focus on the debt-to-income ratio along with their performance with other creditors.

As you’ll see on the next few pages, our program is uniquely designed to benefit the borrowers, park owners and sellers, and investors.

Financing Options That Work.

It's Time for a Change.

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